Saturday, 27 February 2016

Wot I'm reading: A 21st-century LGBT soap opera

Elizabeth Lister: CONSEQUENCES


'Were the women who stayed in unhappy marriages for the sake of their children the ones who got it right?' Elizabeth Lister asks this question in the first chapter of her new novel and then introduces us to a wife who decides not to stay.

Set in an unnamed town in the British Midlands, the book resumes the saga of Ms Lister's previous heroine Tracy Manners, a lesbian whose life has had many ups and downs. Her latest companion is Clara, who leaves her husband and takes her eight-year-old daughter to live with Tracy. Clara's uber-bitch mother is horrified at this turn of events, her spineless father less so. Her husband also lets his life take a new direction.

Clara's brother Colin is a closeted gay; the closet gets quite crowded and then empties as the pacy plot unravels. With bisexuality, rape and even incest among the ingredients, Consequences is on the cutting edge of contemporary drama. It has all the pace and energy of a soap opera, albeit a very modern, 'metrosexual' one!

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