Saturday, 3 July 2021

David (finally) at the movies: Love in the time of dementia


My first visit to the cinema in 18 months, and what a magnificent movie to return to. Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci), partners for twenty years, take their RV to the English Lake District for a reunion with Sam’s family and to revisit the place where they first declared their love for each other. Tusker has been diagnosed with dementia and has already lost chunks of his memory; neither of them looks forward to what the future holds.

This is a movie in a minor key (Sam is a concert pianist) that makes a major impact. Within its brief timeframe we are shown everything that these two middle-aged guys mean to each other and the relentless cruelty of the illness that will destroy their quiet companionable life together. The script is delicately underwritten, the direction and cinematography are ace, the performances perfectly spot on. If dementia hadn’t won an Oscar this year, Firth and Tucci would surely be a shoo-in next year – hopefully they will.

This is not the first movie to deal with the heartache of dementia; it will not be the last. I cannot recall that any of them has been a dud, but this one is outstanding. I had tears in my eyes all through it.

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